Amusement vending machines include Jukeboxes (we handle AMI / Rowe Internet jukeboxes), Pool Tables, Electronic Dart Boards, Stand-up Arcade Games, Countertop Arcade Games, Cocktail Table Arcade Games, Skill Cranes, Foosball, and others.

We are also pinball collectors and offer machines for home, business/office, and event rental.

Need amusement?

Do you have a bar, restaurant, or other public venue that would benefit from offering amusements such as a jukebox, pool tables, arcade games, and/or similar options for your customers?

Are you unhappy with your present offerings, or perhaps just interested in seeing what alternatives exist?

Take a moment to consider Forthright Vending.

Why partner with Forthright?

Once you’ve decided to work with a partner, either on a shared revenue plan, a straight rental plan, or some combination, it is then important to carefully consider the equipment, the personnel, and the relationship. The decision of whether or not to use anyone at all, however, provides a great roadmap for those choices:

Partner vs.  Own Your Own

  • On shared equipment, it is shared revenue, after tax & licensing.
  • On both leased and owned equipment, you keep all the revenue after sales tax & licensing
  • No cash investment vs. significant amount of cash tied up
  • Maintenance handled by someone else with experience, expertise, tools, and parts. Generally lower downtime, less distraction, and perhaps most importantly, less required skills so no learning curve.
  • Often certain machines can be swapped with other locations to maintain a fresh look and appeal at your location. With one, or perhaps only a few locations, stagnation results.
  • Registration with music licensing bureaus, maintaining accounts with them, as well as accounting for addtional sales tax revenue are all handle with an amusement vendor.

Once you’ve decided to use a vendor, or to continue using a vendor, the very same issues are worth considering:

  1. What are the terms of shared revenue and / or straight leasing?
  2. How is sales tax and music licensing handled?
  3. What equipment is available for your location(s)?
  4. What equipment rotation make sense and is available?
  5. What are maintenance expectations including on-call immediate servicing?

The above are all important, but time spent discovering this information is even more important for you to develop an idea of whether the people you will work with and the way they communicate are a fit.